Christmas Was God’s Idea – Purpose 2-Salvation

Luke 2:1-11

Scripture reveals to us that we not only have a God that loves us but that God is our Father. As with your family, Father God had a plan for His kids that included walking with us, speaking wisdom to us, being in constant relationship with us. He gave us a gift, though, called free will. This gift made it so that we can choose to love Him, the only way real love can be shown. As His kids chose to believe a lie, they broke relationship.

God had a plan, though. He bankrupted 1/3 of heaven in order to get His kids back. That plan, revealed all throughout Scripture, was going to be played out by a Savior taking on our sins. This Savior would come in the form of a man. As we celebrate Christmas, it is important to know that it was God’s idea!

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