Christmas Was God’s Idea – Purpose 3-Reconciliation

Man & earth were at odds with God because of sin.  As the fall of Adam & Eve began the separation between us, God had an idea in mind since the foundation of the world.  His idea was to bankrupt heaven so that He could get His kids back.  In order to do that, there would have to be an appeasement made so that reconciliation could take place.  That reconciliation would come through the sinless one, Jesus Christ, that would take our sins upon Himself, reconciling us back to Father God.  This idea of His began at Christmas–the birth of Jesus!  There is one more thing; this plan of reconciliation does not stop once salvation is received.  Scripture tells us that those in Christ are now called to the ministry of reconciliation.  We are a major part of His plan, to help reconcile others back to the Father!

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