Lesson Request

If you are a teacher please scroll down to below the chart to select and log the lesson you will be teaching Or visit KIDS Class Teaching Log to the same in a new window.

The following lessons have been chosen from the curriculum by our teachers to be given on the dates shown.

[gdoc link=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ncEhZETNn1QLe1tI4Q9l6J8cS2zPzeRr4pOvV9EVztg/edit?usp=sharing” height=”490″ width=”1200″  seamless=”0″]

Before selecting a lesson please use the Search feature on this site or browse the lessons here. All the lessons for the Kid’s Carrying the Kingdom curriculum have been cataloged on this site for your reference. If the form doesn’t show below go to the link directly, KIDS Class Teaching Log

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