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March 19, 2019

Hello Friends, we are so thankful for your prayers, encouraging words & love. Even though these past couple of months have been up & down times for us, the constant has been the presence of God & your love. Jesus promised to be with us always & we can attest to this reality!

Here is the latest update: Radiation will be complete on April 1st (30 times/5 x week) & I have handled that pretty well up to this point. My skin has fared better than expected due to essential oils & care. I have done 3 of the 26 (1 years worth) doses of Opdivo (immunotherapy). I have been feeling the effects of those as of late. My stomach has been queasy on & off & I am a bit more tired than normal. On Monday, March 18th I had a CT scan reveal that I have another swollen lymph node (under my right shoulder). The doctors recommend a 2nd major surgery to remove. They are not sure whether it is swollen due to surgery or if it is cancer that was in there already. Either way, it will be coming out. My prayer & belief is that God will move on my behalf & it will disappear by the time the final scan is done (in a couple weeks). If surgery is how it has to be gone, it will likely be in May. I will be meeting with the surgeon within the next week.

Sarah & the kids could use your prayer & support as this is a challenge for them, of course. Along with my situation, my father-in-law is battling stage 4 cancer, as well. As you could imagine, it is a season of learning to trust God in greater ways, of being stretched & rest (when possible). Continue to pray for my family, for The Edge family, for the financial challenges the bills cause & times of rest. God is good!

February 12, 2019 Treatment Plan

Update from Pastor Tomm’s desk (his house office, really): Our family saved for a vacation & booked a cruise in August. After my diagnosis in December, my doctors encouraged us to keep our trip. I can say that it was refreshing after a surgery & before treatment. Thank you to family & friends that helped make this possible. Thank you to our team at The Edge, who led passionately while we were out for a month. Now that we are back, there is a new grind that begins. Because I had 11 nodes with cancer & that 1 of them saw the cancer break out of it, it is highly recommended to start radiation next week, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks (just under the arm). Tomorrow I begin Opdivo, a form of immunotherapy. That is once every other week for a year, likely. This comes with much prayer. I know God heals. I know that He can heal me without treatment. I also know that He can use the treatment to heal me. I have prayed for Him to give me peace. Right now that peace is to go ahead with treatment. If He is going speak something else, I am listening, I just need it to be tonight! Will you please not tire of praying for me & my family & for The Edge? I know it is exhausting hearing updates. I get it. But I can tell you that without prayer & support, it would be difficult. I believe that good things can come from tragedy, as God doesn’t waste a thing and He shows Himself strong in the midst of storms. God is good…it’s more than a slogan, it is REALITY! HE IS GOOD!

January 31, 2019 – Health Update & Prayer Requests

The past 2 weeks have been busy with doctors appointments & plans for upcoming treatments. We are leaving tomorrow for a 7 day cruise, so I wanted to share because we will be offline.

  • My surgery–all of my lymph nodes were removed from right armpit. 11 of the 24 were filled with cancer. The main one was 3 cm & saw some of the cells busting through (So big prayer point–nothing released in my body any further!)
  • Because of the growth seen (went from 2-4 nodes filled to 11 in just weeks) they have recommended 6 weeks (5 days a week) of radiation beginning Feb 18th & immunotherapy for 1 year beginning Feb 13th (Opdivo)
  • As far as we know right now I am CANCER FREE–pray that I stay that way–praise Jesus, for I cried out for healing & He healed me via the doctors!
  • Recent MRI (brain)–was a CLEAN scan! Praise Jesus
  • Recent Heart Echocardiogram–no results yet
  • Physical Therapy (1 day/week for 7 weeks–have to strengthen & stretch out surgery site & receive a garment to help fight off lymphedema (prayer point–NO LYMPHEDEMA in Jesus name)
  • Pray that we would be refreshed, have fun as a family, stay healthy during the cruise, have great weather & encounter Jesus further together!
  • Pray for our team & family at The Edge Foursquare Church, that they would continue to see God’s goodness together, that they would be strengthened & that as Pastor Michelle Passey & our team go deeper together!

Love you Friends

January 21, 2019 – Treatment Plan

The doctors removed my drainage tubes! Praise Jesus. Now I begin rehabbing my arm (at home). Based on the results of the biopsy after surgery I had major growth the last 2 weeks before. It grew to 11 tumors from the original 2-4 that showed up during the ultrasound. The panel of doctors suggest 1 round of radiation under the arm (5 days a week for 6 weeks) and then 1 year of immunotherapy (Opdivo) (1 time every other week for 1 year). All of this would start February 12th. I also have to have more skin removed from my back Feb 18th as they believe it may be the source.

Continue to pray with me for:

  2. Full recovery & movement of right arm
  3. To have major favor over any side effects from treatments

We could not walk this out without Papa God and you!

January 18, 2019 – Additional Melanoma Found

The dermatologist sent my moles for a 2nd opinion and said the one on the lower back has traces of melanoma (may or may not be the original starting point). I will now have more of that area on my back removed on Feb 18th (will have stitches). Hopefully we get it all! Praise Jesus for finding it.

January 14, 2019 – Surgery Successful

They were able to get all of the cancer tumors during surgery. Some were the size of golf balls. The vein didn’t pose a problem at all for removing the tumors. He has a port and drainage tubes. This is the best news possible and such a relief. Please keep praying that the drainage tubes will be removed before he goes on vacation with his family.  Guys – God is so good!! We can all breathe and do a praise dance!

Friday the panel sits to review the results of the surgery & further biopsy of the tumors. That will dictate what they want to do for treatment. Pray for a quick recovery and that radiation isn’t needed.

January 11, 2019 – No Spread of Cancer

The PET Scan shows cancer is only in my armpit, no sign of it anywhere else. Come on Jesus, thank you!

My surgery is 14th at 6am. Keep praying for the lumps/cancer to be gone. For the surgery, pray for a clean removal of the lumps. There is a vein going right through that will be touchy.

January 9, 2019 – Answered Prayers

Yesterday, insurance declined paying for a PET scan to verify if the cancer had spread. This was appealed by prayer and man and it has now been approved. The PET scan is now scheduled for Friday at 10am.

Multicare has approved financial aid for 95% of costs!

Praise God for these answered prayers! Please continue to intercede for a total and complete healing from cancer.

January 4, 2019 – Brief Update

Met with oncologist for the first time to review plans. Besides a full healing from Jesus, the next best scenario is to have it be confined to just my armpit. If that is the case, then I would get treatment for a year & possibly some radiation. IF my PET scan is not clear, that changes everything and would not be a good diagnosis (so continue to pray). I met with the dermatologist, who removed 2 moles but doesn’t think they are cancerous. He referred me today to see an eye doctor to try to rule that out.

My PET scan is the 9th at 1:30pm.

My surgery is 14th at 6am.

December 27, 2018 – Stage 3 Melanoma Cancer

Hello Friends, this Christmas season has been one of major ups & downs. I believe, in life, that each of us will face major trials & hardships. We are either on the other side of one, enduring one or about to walk through one. Through it all, I am fully convinced that God is a good Father. He is there with those who call on His name. He brings healing, comfort & peace in the midst of life. With this being said, I have some news that I am now releasing.

On December 18th I was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma. What started as a swollen lymph node under my right arm 2 months ago has turned out to be something I was hoping it wasn’t. This disease is a serious one, in which the doctor called “aggressive.” This is true, right now, from a medical standpoint, but I am in love with One more aggressive…whose blood is aggressive, who aggressively paid the price for my healing, whose love is aggressive and whose name, JESUS, is more aggressive & unbeatable.As of right now I have had a chest x-ray that is clear & a CT scan that revealed mostly clear health (lower back & chest issue that is likely from working out), & this is GOOD NEWS. My next step is getting a PET scan…this is vital. If that scan is clean then I am in decent shape. At that time I would have surgery (unless God totally clears up the whole mass) to remove the 3-4 nodes that are now infected plus any source area on my skin. Our hope is that it is not too attached to other muscle tissues. I would also start melanoma drug treatment on the area. I am believing that the PET scan is going to be clear.

We had to sit down with our kids to share with them this diagnosis. In the midst of such horrendous results, the worse feeling I had was planning when & how to talk to them. Please pray for them to have peace in this storm. The Gordon’s will walk through this together, in faith & love. We have been surrounded by so many people praying for us, practically meeting needs already & showing so much love that it is overwhelming. The Edge Foursquare Church is with us & in such good shape because of the relationships & leadership God has been building for 6 years. We are blessed.

We are standing on God’s truth. Jesus said that those who follow Him can come to the Father and ask anything in His name. Paul tells us that because of what Jesus did on the cross, I can approach God’s throne with boldness & confidence. I feel closer to Him than ever before. I come to Him, not to plea for my life, but to worship Him & to ask Him to allow me to continue preaching about Jesus on this earth. I have asked, as Hezekiah did, for more years to be added to my life. The Scriptures tell us that Jesus “bore our diseases” on the Cross. I stand on that truth. I welcome all true life-giving prayers to cover me. I know many who have not lived through this horrible disease, & I miss them. I do know in order for me to overcome this I have to trust solely on His Word & promises. I only believe life. I will guard my heart from negativity. With that being said, I love you. Believe with me for my Miracle.

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