Staff Resources

The following are a list of resources and references for our staff and membership. We are always working to make the work of serving as easy as possible so please let us know if there are additional items or links we should add.

  • TEFSC_Funding Request Proposal_eForm – Download, fill out, and print this funding request proposal to request funds for a ministry, program, event, etc. Once complete email or hand the print out to Pastor Tomm. (For print only version click here)
  • TEFSC_Expense Reimbursement_eForm – Download, fill out, and print this expense reimbursement form for expenses incurred for a specific ministry.  Once completed turn over for signature by council member and then to the treasurer for reimbursement. (For print only version click here.)
  • The Edge Graphics & Media Request – Populate this form to request design and development of graphics for print and digital formats. Use this for any and all events that require communication.
  • KIDS Class Teaching Log – Our KIDS class teachers can access this form to reserve a specific lesson for an upcoming week. Email Steve for your teacher ID number. You can view previously taught lessons here.

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