Tomm Gordon’s Life Tribute

Thomas E. Gordon, 40, of Puyallup, WA went home to be with his Lord and Savior on January 4, 2020 at Franciscan Hospice House. Tomm was born in Flint, MI to David M. Gordon and Mona M. Gordon (McLean).

Tomm went to EAJ High School in Mt. Morris, MI, where he met his beloved wife Sarah Littlejohn in 1995. Tomm married Sarah on October 5, 2002.

The Gordons followed God’s call from Michigan to the Pacific Northwest in 2011, after 7 years of youth ministry in Flint, MI. In January of 2013, Tomm accepted the role of senior pastor at The Edge Foursquare Church in Edgewood, WA.

Tomm loved missions, traveling, sports, family, and had a love for the lost. Of course, we all know how much he loved his University of Michigan football. GO BLUE!

Tomm leaves behind his beloved wife Sarah, his son Isaac, and daughter Isabelle. Tomm also leaves behind his father and stepmother David & Nancy Gordon, father and mother-in-law Julian & Lydia Cruz, and father-in-law John Littlejohn. In addition, he leaves five siblings; Amy Bell (Don), Tony, Dave, Lisa, Rebecca Findlay (Josh), several special nieces and nephews, and dear friends Paul & Judy Humphreys.

Tomm was preceded in death by his grandparents, his mother Mona, and a few special friends.

Tomm’s final days were spent surrounded by his family. Tomm’s life would seem too short, but those touched by him understand that he loved the Lord with everything he had. He served the Lord diligently and faithfully for more than half of his life.

Tomm was active in his community in Flint, MI and in Puyallup, WA. Tomm was the one who everyone called on when they needed a wise word, a good laugh, to be encouraged, and most of all prayer. Tomm would drop everything to pray for you.

How to Help

Those wanting to donate in lieu of flowers can utilize the established GoFundMe page Help Thomas Gordon Memorial Fund.

Tomm Gordon Updates

February 4, 2020 Memorial at Trinity Assembly of God

Trinity Assembly of God in Mt Morris, MI hosted a memorial service for friends and family.

January 14, 2020 Memorial at Northwest Foursquare Church

Northwest Foursquare Church in Federal Way, WA hosted a memorial service for friends and family.

January 5, 2020 Update from Sarah (Tomm passed away Saturday, January 4.)

This will be the most vulnerable and heartbreaking post I will ever share on Facebook. Last night at 4:50 pm my beloved husband, best friend, Pastor and so much more went to be with his Savior. As prepared as I thought I was this has shattered my heart beyond comprehension as I know will be devastating to many of you. Please continue to intercede for me, Isaac and Izzy and our friends and family as we grieve this incredible loss.

January 4, 2020 Update from Sarah

Well it has been almost a week since the last update. I am struggling to have the right words. Know Tomm is comfortable and resting peacefully, however, his body is starting to shut down. The time is coming closer for him to meet his beautiful Savior.

Tomm and I have had several conversations over this past year where he has taught me that this life is beautiful and part of this beautiful life is death. And he was never afraid to die, because as believers we get to have eternity with our Creator. And as only Tomm could have done, he did a beautiful job preparing my heart and our children for this coming time. As his wife I am praying Jesus come and Jesus will be done.

Continue to lift up our family as you have this past year. Being as prepared as you can be, this situation is extremely heartbreaking and we will need the prayers of the saints to help sustain us.

Please be gracious, loving and prayerful with your comments.

We love you all very much.

December 25, 2019 Update from Sarah

We had a great Christmas together as a family. The kids stayed the night with us Christmas Eve and Tomm was awake from 7am – 3pm Christmas Day being able to participate in all the gift giving and receiving. This in itself is a miracle as his medication makes him very sleepy. Tomm even ventured outside in his wheelchair and played catch with Isaacs new football sporting his new University of Michigan hoodie. Go Blue 🏈💙💛

I will say things have sadly taken a turn and Tomm is less coherent during his wake times which are fewer are farther between. This is due to the progression of his cancer and the shutting down of his kidney functions.

December 21, 2019 Update from Sarah

We have been in hospice for just over a week now and Tomm’s pain is under control. Praise the Lord. He sleeps peacefully often and uses his awake time to spend with Isaac and Isabelle during their daily visits. He is coherent considering the amount of medication needed to control his pain and still has his fun sense of humor. We praise and worship often and he sings along raising his arms to his Savior as I am sure no one would doubt. We are still believing for a miracle for Tomm’s complete healing until the very end and have a peace that surpasses all understanding if it is Tomm’s time to go be with the Father.

Thank you so much for the prayers for Tomm and our family. We are treasuring every moment of this time as heartbreaking as it is. And I know I would not be sustaining as I am without the constant prayers of the hundreds covering us. We love you all dearly and appreciate you more than you know.

December 7, 2019 Tomm Hospitalized & Waiting for Hospice

Tomm was sent home from the hospital Thursday with pain management but it was not working so he returned to the hospital Friday. Tomm is in a great amount of pain and at this stage they are just waiting for an opening to get him into hospice for better end of life care. Pray for pain relief and that he gets into hospice as soon as possible. They have requested no visitors and flowers are not allowed on the oncology floor.

December 4, 2019

Pastor Tomm is expecting to go home tomorrow, if they get pain management under control. They have requested no visitors, calls or meal train at this time. Please honor their wishes. See ways you can help above.

December 2, 2019 Tomm Hospitalized

It has been a year since Tomm was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer. The treatments are no longer working so new options are being pursued. Tomm is enduring great pain due to the spread of cancer in his stomach and was admitted to the hospital last night. This has resulted in Sarah needing to take unpaid time off of work to take care of their kids and attend to Tomm. Your prayer and financial help is greatly appreciated in their time of need.

p.s. Selling their home and buying a new one near the kids school has been put on hold. Pray for God’s timing for this to happen.

October 25, 2019 Important Life Update

Hi friends. Sarah & I feel it necessary to share with you that we have decided to put our house on the market. We are going to move down the street from our children’s schools (by Ferrucci Junior High & Ridgecrest). Here are the reasons why:

  1. We have been praying for months about this & have included many trusted friends in helping us decide (Robb & Phyllis Burkee, Michelle Passey, Curt Matt, Kile Rury, Dan Bursch, Julian & Lydia Cruz). Through prayer we are getting a resounding yes to this move.
  2. I drive them daily because we live out of district (Franklin-Pierce district). We want to stay in Puyallup district. As of next year they will be in different schools & it would be taxing to continue to do so. Isaac can walk & Izzy is 4 minutes away. Now after school programs & sports can be done (we won’t have to say no anymore).
  3. A move will help Sarah in case I am not able to do the daily routine (we have learned how difficult it is when I can’t help).
  4. This will free me up to do more within my role as pastor.
  5. We will NOT need to use ANY of our own personal funds to make this move (none from our savings and NONE from the generous Go Fund Me account for medical bills). The sale of our house will give us the funds needed (we bought low & will earn a good amount by selling). We need prayer in the best offer, so that this stays possible.
  6. We will be extremely close to their schools, close to Julian & Lydia (as they are moving to Orting), & close to my doctor’s office & treatment facility, and closer to our church (The Edge is the best!)
  7. We have an opportunity to buy a house perfect for us, in the best location to meet our needs & through one of our favorite people (Candy Cadigan).

We have weighed this option for months & originally thought spring 2020 would be best. However, I cannot guarantee the market, the deal of a house like we have now, what I will feel like. Moving is not fun or easy & I know we will need some help, but it is a must for my family. We love our home now, but our new lifestyle makes it more & more difficult to stay here, further away from everything.

We wanted to be transparent so all of you who are praying for us & have blessed us understand the full context of what is taking place. Please continue to pray for us & if you feel led to help in any way please get a hold of us. If you know anyone looking to live on South Hill (128th & Woodland) let us know.

We are listing it For Sale by Owner (with the help of our realtor Candy). Please distribute this link so others can see our beautiful house (& possibly buy it)!

September 5, 2019 Health Update and Upcoming Sabbatical

As many of you know, I was diagnosed in December 2018 with melanoma. In April I had the cancer spread and was diagnosed as stage 4. During this time our family and The Edge has walked with us through several surgeries, treatments and loads of appointments. This has been emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausting for all of us. Due to that, we have been in need of a refreshing.In early August, I sensed the Lord was beginning to drop into my heart that a time of refreshing was needed, that He was going to make refreshing a priority for us. I believe that He is making available a grace to drink from the fountain of Living Water through His Spirit in a way that is always there, but offered in a greater measure in seasons. Because I began to put together sermons to lead us in this.

We (my family & ministry team) believe that refreshing is in the air, spiritually, and that His plan for us is to bring this time in a specific manner. It has been a long 10 months, as mentioned above, and during this time I have pastored through most of it. Our church has been walking with 3 of us with stage 4 cancer, our team members going through surgeries, financial struggles, and other battles, personally, at the same time stepping up to serve.

This has brought on some fatigue. We are in it together, so this refreshing is needed by all. As a church, we have pressed in during this time; starting new ministries, building upon others, growing as a team and serving in many areas.

What we know is that God is good, we are His people & The Edge is His church. We also know that we must be careful not to run on empty. When loaded with difficult burdens, hardships, battles & duties it calls for times of recharge. Too often churches & people try to push through, only to experience stress, burnout & even compassion fatigue. This, in part, has been presented to us—but—we are doing the right thing about it, allowing for ourselves to let God recharge us.
How? After waking up several weeks ago with a big lump, that turned out to be a return of cancer. As I lay in bed praying I sensed the Lord telling me that it was time that I took a rest from my work so that I can focus on healing. He pressed on my heart to take a sabbatical and in doing so He would bring a refreshing to me, my family and the church. I trust the Lord. He has never let us down, so I trust Him in this.

As of Monday, September 9th I will take a 3 month sabbatical, bringing me back Sunday, December 8th. During this time, The Edge leadership team will take on lead roles AND our friends, neighbors and fellow Foursquare family, Lifespring, will partner with us to bring encouragement, leadership and fellowship for our people. After meeting with my team on several occasions, meeting with our district overseers and Pastor Dan Bursch from Lifespring, we are confident that God is leading this move. It will be a beautiful picture of His grace and the Body of Christ.

My family thanks you for allowing us the opportunity to rest. We need it. We know our amazing pastoral team will lead well. During this time our pastors are Michelle Passey (who will spearhead from our end), Donald Johnson, Erica Johnson & Steve Neff will partner with many other great leaders who serve at our church. They will team with Lifespring to be sure that each person is ministered to in the name of Jesus Christ! We believe the church will grow stronger in this season. God bless you!

Thomas & Sarah Gordon
Senior Pastor
The Edge Foursquare Church

June 28, 2019 Video Update from Tomm

Another answer to prayer! To God be the Glory!
The old chorus comes to mind. “To God Be The Glory,To God be the Glory for the things He has done!”

Video update from Tomm about his latest PET Scan & Doctors Report.

May 28, 2019

Hello friends, here is a current update on my family & health:

I am continuing to take my Braf Inhibitor medication 2 times a day. The pain that was all over my back, abs & stomach are still gone! Praise Jesus! My face (tumor in my left cheek/jaw have caused nerve damage, which renders my lower left gums & lip numb but also in pain) is still the same. I have had minimum side effects (mainly stomach stuff & occasional blurred vision). As of now, I won’t have much to share on this until I see scans in June.

As for my family, we are doing the best we can in the meantime. This has brought us closer, but also adds stress, fears & the unknown, which effects all of us differently. We have had Paul & Judy Humphreys here to love on us, help in so many ways & drive while Sarah works. They go home this Friday, which brings another new normal. Next week we begin to host some of my family (Dad, Nancy then my sister Lisa, niece Mariah & nephew Danny). Sarah is working most days, while I feel good. She has been approved for FMLA but will save those days. The kids have up & down emotions daily…please pray for them. We were able to get away for a night, spending time together on the Puget Sound.

Finally, The Edge Foursquare Church has been great (along with Ridgecrest Elementary PTA & many teachers). The church is pushing ahead, loving on us, our leaders have stepped up in SO MANY ways, have fed us well…etc. The Holy Spirit is very present at The Edge! Despite my circumstances, we have begun a community garden and our small group times have been powerful. I had to cancel my attendance of the Foursquare national convention that is going on now (and is frustrating for me). The RidgeCrest Elementary PTA sponsored a Tomm Gordon Benefit Car Wash, which raised $1,022. Thanks to all that participated!!!

Finally, my doctor has looked into some new, trial treatments from Providence Portland. I will be in discussion with them, but as of now they can only ‘help’ me if my next treatment (beginning in July) does not work. I don’t want to see them…lol. Also, I have a consult tomorrow with a big time doctor in Florida, who specializes in treating cancer in a very personalized way (doing lower doses, adding differing supplements while getting immunotherapy/chemo & by infusing the body with new, up-to-date therapies. The money given will allow for me to have both of these consults!!! Thank you so much

May 8, 2019

Hi Friends and Family,

“He does not fear bad news, nor live in dread of what may happen. For he is settled in his mind that God will take care of him.”–Psalm 112:7 Living Bible

As you know, I received bad news back on April 16 & 23rd regarding a battle with cancer. I can’t say it didn’t rattle me, as my body was a few weeks away from meeting my Savior without His touch and or the working of short term chemo pills. As of now, I know the Lord is doing a work in me. My body is responding well, as of now, to the pills. More importantly, I believe, has been the prayers of SO many of you! Our God hears our cries. He is helping to sustain me. On top of the prayers, my family is overwhelmed at the generosity of so, so many. The go fund me, our family benefit, cards and gifts sent and more have allowed us to focus on my healing, my family and time together. We are forever grateful!!! I am truly at a loss for words. My only lack has been the ability to be with all of you!

For an update, here is where I am health-wise: I am continuing my current meds until mid to late June. At that time, I will receive another PET scan to see where I am. Medically, if I am still doing this well, the doctors want to attack it with a couple forms of immunotherapy. That, if it all were to work perfectly, would add many months to a year to my life. It could even add years. As you can see, medically, that isn’t the best. The more true scenario that we are living by is our all out trust in our miracle working God. It is ALWAYS His will to heal, so I am aligning my faith and body to that reality. I am receiving prayer daily, seeking Him myself, going to another church this weekend to receive prayer from a huge group and am taking communion daily. I am also eating fresh, raw and healthy foods, taking proper supplements and staying active. I believe, truly, that my God will come through for me and add years to my life.

Here are some ways you can help:

  1. PRAY to Jesus, in faith, without doubting!!! (For my healing, family, and church)
  2. Share with us any words you feel the Lord is giving you to share with us.
  3. Continue to stay engaged with us.
  4. Please support us in the decisions we make. As we seek God, we will follow what He is leading us to do. I know, because I have received from many loving people, so many different places, programs, supplements and more that you have heard cures cancer. I want to LIVE, so know I am doing what I sense my Papa God is telling me to do. Please just pray that I would hear what God wants me to do.
  5. Continue to love on and support my wife and kids. They need you. I am settled that God will take care of me. I love you!

Tomm Gordon

May 1, 2019

Hello Friends.
After last week, where I heard I have weeks to months to live (at that time), I have had so many people praying, fasting & believing for a miracle with us. As of now, here is my current update: With prayer & the new chemo pills (& pain management pills), I have seen a great turnaround. The pills (which Fred Hutch said must work or else I have weeks to live) are working. I have a noticeable difference with shrinking of tumors & less pain. On top of that, I believe a shift is taking place in the heavenly realms, where my full healing in coming (I truly believe this).

What is next is an MRI upcoming in a week or so, to check the brain (make sure no spreading). At the end of June I will get another full body scan (as long as the current program continues to work; if things were to get worse then plan would change). That scan will let us know if it is time to start a new immunotherapy plan (unless scan is clear of all cancer–at that point I will stop all meds & believe God to have fully healed me). If I start that plan, the goal would be for that to start working, taking me from months to live to possible years.

As you can see, I am mixing the truth of where my body is & what the doctors want to do and what would be known as God’s full healing touch on me. A true, clean scan would be nothing short of God’s hand, in which I am believing is going to be the outcome. The medical way is only adding months to a short number of years (in their words), but with God it is finished!!!

April 28, 2019

I have felt much better since Thursday night. Robert Henderson (Courts of Heaven ministry) called me then and walked me through healing prayer with Jesus as my Advocate. I also started the new meds. Since then I can sleep, have little pain and had lumps on my stomach that we’re easily felt, disappear. Whether it is the meds or the prayer or both… don’t care and believe it is Jesus touching me. Keep believing with me. I will live and not die.

I was able to enjoy Isaac’s birthday party Friday night by going to the Avengers Endgame movie and have a bunch of boys over for a sleepover.

Prayer requests: Tumors to shrink, pain to be gone, cancer to be gone, quality time with family.

The Gordon’s are thankful for all of the prayers, help, meals, and financial support. Sarah is taking time off from work without pay to help and be with Tomm.

April 24, 2019

Hello Family & Friends, every word God speaks is truth, every promise He has declared is available to us & the work of the Cross is enough to revive even the dead. This is truth, even when we aren’t seeing every bit of it as truth. We are standing on God’s promises of healing, restoration & even resurrection when it comes to Pastor Tomm’s current health situation.

Tomm is in stage 4 melanoma. The immunotherapy he began in February has not worked, so now he will begin BRAF chemo pills. If these pills work, they will help get some things in order so that we can then try different immunotherapies. If those work, then we are looking at adding months to a year of life.

From this point out, he needs:

  1. Jesus’ full healing touch, removing all cancer
  2. Every treatment to work 100% as it can.
  3. If the treatment does not work, then, according to the medical doctors, he has weeks to months to live.

We know the blood of Jesus speaks a better word and we release His blood throughout Tomm’s body.

The family needs obvious prayers and the kids are fully aware of how sick Tomm is but are not in the know of any timelines, so please be sensitive to and around them.

Pastor Tomm created a health update video on April 18 after getting the initial diagnosis of stage 4 melanoma that is still relevant. Please watch to hear Tomm’s desire to live and his appeal for prayer.

April 19, 2019

The results from my PET scan came back and the results were not good. I really don’t have words to say right now but my whole body is riddled with cancer. Spine, face, chest, stomach lymph nodes, and thigh. I’m experience intense pain in my thigh, back, and face, as well as numbness on one side of my face and lip. I need a miracle. Please pray in faith for this cancer to be gone.

April 1, 2019

Today I finished my 30 rounds of radiation…thank you Jesus!!!

I was only able to celebrate for a couple hours as I also met with a surgeon to discuss 2 lymph nodes that are under my pectoral muscle up near my shoulder. Due to this, they scheduled a surgery for May 9th (2nd major, 3rd overall since January).

I am truly believing that Jesus is going to heal me and it will be revealed during the CT scan before surgery. I stand in faith of this. If it doesn’t work out that way, then I press on with Him, knowing He is good, is with me and will work all things for my good because of my love for Him. Amen!

March 19, 2019

Hello Friends, we are so thankful for your prayers, encouraging words & love. Even though these past couple of months have been up & down times for us, the constant has been the presence of God & your love. Jesus promised to be with us always & we can attest to this reality!

Here is the latest update: Radiation will be complete on April 1st (30 times/5 x week) & I have handled that pretty well up to this point. My skin has fared better than expected due to essential oils & care. I have done 3 of the 26 (1 years worth) doses of Opdivo (immunotherapy). I have been feeling the effects of those as of late. My stomach has been queasy on & off & I am a bit more tired than normal. On Monday, March 18th I had a CT scan reveal that I have another swollen lymph node (under my right shoulder). The doctors recommend a 2nd major surgery to remove. They are not sure whether it is swollen due to surgery or if it is cancer that was in there already. Either way, it will be coming out. My prayer & belief is that God will move on my behalf & it will disappear by the time the final scan is done (in a couple weeks). If surgery is how it has to be gone, it will likely be in May. I will be meeting with the surgeon within the next week.

Sarah & the kids could use your prayer & support as this is a challenge for them, of course. Along with my situation, my father-in-law is battling stage 4 cancer, as well. As you could imagine, it is a season of learning to trust God in greater ways, of being stretched & rest (when possible). Continue to pray for my family, for The Edge family, for the financial challenges the bills cause & times of rest. God is good!

February 12, 2019 Treatment Plan

Update from Pastor Tomm’s desk (his house office, really): Our family saved for a vacation & booked a cruise in August. After my diagnosis in December, my doctors encouraged us to keep our trip. I can say that it was refreshing after a surgery & before treatment. Thank you to family & friends that helped make this possible. Thank you to our team at The Edge, who led passionately while we were out for a month. Now that we are back, there is a new grind that begins. Because I had 11 nodes with cancer & that 1 of them saw the cancer break out of it, it is highly recommended to start radiation next week, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks (just under the arm). Tomorrow I begin Opdivo, a form of immunotherapy. That is once every other week for a year, likely. This comes with much prayer. I know God heals. I know that He can heal me without treatment. I also know that He can use the treatment to heal me. I have prayed for Him to give me peace. Right now that peace is to go ahead with treatment. If He is going speak something else, I am listening, I just need it to be tonight! Will you please not tire of praying for me & my family & for The Edge? I know it is exhausting hearing updates. I get it. But I can tell you that without prayer & support, it would be difficult. I believe that good things can come from tragedy, as God doesn’t waste a thing and He shows Himself strong in the midst of storms. God is good…it’s more than a slogan, it is REALITY! HE IS GOOD!

January 31, 2019 – Health Update & Prayer Requests

The past 2 weeks have been busy with doctors appointments & plans for upcoming treatments. We are leaving tomorrow for a 7 day cruise, so I wanted to share because we will be offline.

  • My surgery–all of my lymph nodes were removed from right armpit. 11 of the 24 were filled with cancer. The main one was 3 cm & saw some of the cells busting through (So big prayer point–nothing released in my body any further!)
  • Because of the growth seen (went from 2-4 nodes filled to 11 in just weeks) they have recommended 6 weeks (5 days a week) of radiation beginning Feb 18th & immunotherapy for 1 year beginning Feb 13th (Opdivo)
  • As far as we know right now I am CANCER FREE–pray that I stay that way–praise Jesus, for I cried out for healing & He healed me via the doctors!
  • Recent MRI (brain)–was a CLEAN scan! Praise Jesus
  • Recent Heart Echocardiogram–no results yet
  • Physical Therapy (1 day/week for 7 weeks–have to strengthen & stretch out surgery site & receive a garment to help fight off lymphedema (prayer point–NO LYMPHEDEMA in Jesus name)
  • Pray that we would be refreshed, have fun as a family, stay healthy during the cruise, have great weather & encounter Jesus further together!
  • Pray for our team & family at The Edge Foursquare Church, that they would continue to see God’s goodness together, that they would be strengthened & that as Pastor Michelle Passey & our team go deeper together!

Love you Friends

January 21, 2019 – Treatment Plan

The doctors removed my drainage tubes! Praise Jesus. Now I begin rehabbing my arm (at home). Based on the results of the biopsy after surgery I had major growth the last 2 weeks before. It grew to 11 tumors from the original 2-4 that showed up during the ultrasound. The panel of doctors suggest 1 round of radiation under the arm (5 days a week for 6 weeks) and then 1 year of immunotherapy (Opdivo) (1 time every other week for 1 year). All of this would start February 12th. I also have to have more skin removed from my back Feb 18th as they believe it may be the source.

Continue to pray with me for:

  2. Full recovery & movement of right arm
  3. To have major favor over any side effects from treatments

We could not walk this out without Papa God and you!

January 18, 2019 – Additional Melanoma Found

The dermatologist sent my moles for a 2nd opinion and said the one on the lower back has traces of melanoma (may or may not be the original starting point). I will now have more of that area on my back removed on Feb 18th (will have stitches). Hopefully we get it all! Praise Jesus for finding it.

January 14, 2019 – Surgery Successful

They were able to get all of the cancer tumors during surgery. Some were the size of golf balls. The vein didn’t pose a problem at all for removing the tumors. He has a port and drainage tubes. This is the best news possible and such a relief. Please keep praying that the drainage tubes will be removed before he goes on vacation with his family.  Guys – God is so good!! We can all breathe and do a praise dance!

Friday the panel sits to review the results of the surgery & further biopsy of the tumors. That will dictate what they want to do for treatment. Pray for a quick recovery and that radiation isn’t needed.

January 11, 2019 – No Spread of Cancer

The PET Scan shows cancer is only in my armpit, no sign of it anywhere else. Come on Jesus, thank you!

My surgery is 14th at 6am. Keep praying for the lumps/cancer to be gone. For the surgery, pray for a clean removal of the lumps. There is a vein going right through that will be touchy.

January 9, 2019 – Answered Prayers

Yesterday, insurance declined paying for a PET scan to verify if the cancer had spread. This was appealed by prayer and man and it has now been approved. The PET scan is now scheduled for Friday at 10am.

Multicare has approved financial aid for 95% of costs!

Praise God for these answered prayers! Please continue to intercede for a total and complete healing from cancer.

January 4, 2019 – Brief Update

Met with oncologist for the first time to review plans. Besides a full healing from Jesus, the next best scenario is to have it be confined to just my armpit. If that is the case, then I would get treatment for a year & possibly some radiation. IF my PET scan is not clear, that changes everything and would not be a good diagnosis (so continue to pray). I met with the dermatologist, who removed 2 moles but doesn’t think they are cancerous. He referred me today to see an eye doctor to try to rule that out.

My PET scan is the 9th at 1:30pm.

My surgery is 14th at 6am.

December 27, 2018 – Stage 3 Melanoma Cancer

Hello Friends, this Christmas season has been one of major ups & downs. I believe, in life, that each of us will face major trials & hardships. We are either on the other side of one, enduring one or about to walk through one. Through it all, I am fully convinced that God is a good Father. He is there with those who call on His name. He brings healing, comfort & peace in the midst of life. With this being said, I have some news that I am now releasing.

On December 18th I was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma. What started as a swollen lymph node under my right arm 2 months ago has turned out to be something I was hoping it wasn’t. This disease is a serious one, in which the doctor called “aggressive.” This is true, right now, from a medical standpoint, but I am in love with One more aggressive…whose blood is aggressive, who aggressively paid the price for my healing, whose love is aggressive and whose name, JESUS, is more aggressive & unbeatable.As of right now I have had a chest x-ray that is clear & a CT scan that revealed mostly clear health (lower back & chest issue that is likely from working out), & this is GOOD NEWS. My next step is getting a PET scan…this is vital. If that scan is clean then I am in decent shape. At that time I would have surgery (unless God totally clears up the whole mass) to remove the 3-4 nodes that are now infected plus any source area on my skin. Our hope is that it is not too attached to other muscle tissues. I would also start melanoma drug treatment on the area. I am believing that the PET scan is going to be clear.

We had to sit down with our kids to share with them this diagnosis. In the midst of such horrendous results, the worse feeling I had was planning when & how to talk to them. Please pray for them to have peace in this storm. The Gordon’s will walk through this together, in faith & love. We have been surrounded by so many people praying for us, practically meeting needs already & showing so much love that it is overwhelming. The Edge Foursquare Church is with us & in such good shape because of the relationships & leadership God has been building for 6 years. We are blessed.

We are standing on God’s truth. Jesus said that those who follow Him can come to the Father and ask anything in His name. Paul tells us that because of what Jesus did on the cross, I can approach God’s throne with boldness & confidence. I feel closer to Him than ever before. I come to Him, not to plea for my life, but to worship Him & to ask Him to allow me to continue preaching about Jesus on this earth. I have asked, as Hezekiah did, for more years to be added to my life. The Scriptures tell us that Jesus “bore our diseases” on the Cross. I stand on that truth. I welcome all true life-giving prayers to cover me. I know many who have not lived through this horrible disease, & I miss them. I do know in order for me to overcome this I have to trust solely on His Word & promises. I only believe life. I will guard my heart from negativity. With that being said, I love you. Believe with me for my Miracle.

Watch Video Message from Tomm 12/28

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