Welcome to the New Northwest Church – Edgewood

Letter to The Edge Members and Friends

June 16, 2020

We’ve certainly been through a season of trials at The Edge over the past 18 months. First, we experienced our beloved Pastor Tomm Gordon’s battle and subsequent passing from cancer. On the heels of Tomm’s memorial service, our country, and the world, entered a pandemic that forced churches to shutter their doors in compliance with national, state, and local orders. To date, we still regrettably remain distanced from one another. But even in the midst of our mourning, a global pandemic, AND the current social upheaval being experienced throughout our country, God has brought us GOOD NEWS.

Last fall, a prophetic word was shared with Pastor Tomm that The Edge would be ‘adopted’, taking us into a new season of growth. Tomm’s immediate response was that he thought it would involve Northwest Church. When the leadership team met with our district supervisor, Dave Veach, his sense was that we needed an “infusion”. Well, the good news is Northwest Church will be adopting The Edge. We will become a new congregational church named “Northwest Church – Edgewood” under the leadership of Lead Pastor Ben Dixon and the new Edgewood Congregation Pastor Jonathan Westfall. This officially has started but will take several months to transition into the new church team. We are already seeing this “infusion” via resources from NWC as they take over financial oversight, treasurer duties, property maintenance, and planning for needed building upgrades.

As The Edge leadership team steps down from our current roles, we want you to know that we are in full support and agreement with this “adoption”. We are excited about the potential to accelerate our growth and ability to better reach Edgewood and the neighboring communities for Christ.

Pastors Ben and Jonathan will be leading an informational meeting at the Edgewood campus at noon this Saturday, 6/20/2020, in the sanctuary. Please join us for that meeting and bring your questions. Please read Pastor Ben’s letter below for additional background and Pastor Jonathan’s biography.

We miss all of you and look forward to seeing you Saturday!

Doug Fagundes         Curt Matt         Patti Matt         Mary Neff        Steve Neff         Kile Rury         Teri Rury

p.s. The change to the Facebook URL broke the old URL. Use https://www.facebook.com/nwcedgewood. The web site URL is http://nwcedgewood.org. Please update your bookmarks.

Letter to Northwest Church from Lead Pastor Ben Dixon

Well, you heard me say that we have a big announcement this week so let me jump right in.  As I have been here for 10 months, I have received some very precious words from the Lord as to why I am here.  Something that I believe the Lord has communicated to me is that I am supposed to multiply Northwest Church into many congregations.  Our vision is not to grow up and become the largest mega-church but to broaden our shoulders and send people out to plant more churches who will do more ministries in more places.  While I have known this, I certainly didn’t plan on that happening anytime soon especially in the middle of a pandemic – but that is exactly what we are going to do.

A few months ago, our district supervisor Dave Veach called me and asked if I would consider having Northwest Church adopt a church in Edgewood called “The Edge.”  I was especially interested because the previous pastor was a friend of mine whose name was Tomm Gordon.  Tomm was a great brother in the Lord who pastored The Edge for several years until he lost his battle to cancer in January of this year.  Currently, The Edge Foursquare Church has a handful of families who love Jesus and have been seeking the Lord for the next steps as a congregation.  We began having a conversation with their council and it became clear that we were supposed to get involved and move forward with something new.

So, what does this mean for Northwest Church?  Well, we are going to implement the vision that I believe the Lord has already put into my heart.  Our new model for this is already something that we have going on with our Hispanic Congregation.  Some call this a “congregational model.”  We will be ONE church in THREE congregations.  We have our Federal Way congregation (main), our Hispanic congregation and now our Edgewood congregation (launching in the early fall).  That’s right, we will call this Northwest Church – Edgewood.  One of the primary keys and distinctions for this model is that each has their own congregational pastor (just like a Lead Pastor).  You may be asking; “who is going to be the congregational Pastor for Northwest Church – Edgewood?  We are sending our very own worship pastor – Jonathan Westfall!

I have been talking with Jonathan and Kellie Westfall about this assignment for about a month and they have sensed the call of God in all of this as they made the commitment.  We are proud of them and excited for what the future will hold.  Now, hold on a minute – they are not leaving just yet.  We still have several details to figure out and a few months to prepare.  Jonathan and I will be talking with everyone at The Edge this Saturday as we answer questions and walk with them through this transition.  Also, I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider if the Lord is calling you to join Jonathan, Kellie and those at The Edge church to walk into this new season as Northwest Church – Edgewood is born.

I will be talking about this publicly Wednesday night during our Ignite Gathering and I would be glad to answer any questions that you have about this new direction.  Make sure to tune in for more details about this!

Lead Pastor Ben Dixon

Team Meetings for the new NWC Edgewood start July 26

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